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4 years, 9000 films, 3000 covers

The 15th of February, Super8database had been public for 4 years! I can’t believe how quickly time passes!

And almost to the day at the anniversary we passed both 9000 films and 3000 films with a cover! That’s worth a bit of a celebration!

I have had help from so many friends, so it is hard to name them all. Without this help, the project wouldn’t have been much. I have several people that send me covers regularly. Without them the site would have been nothing! So a big thank you to all of you!

But one person needs to be named: My right hand in the project, Greg, has been crucial for the state the project is in now. Greg has put in countless hours into the project. Without his help, I am not sure where the project would be today. So thank you, Greg, for joining this crazy project! It has been great fun discussing all sorts of challenges in the project with you and see the joint work build up during the years.

In December 2018, as we worked for more than a year before we got public, I shared my little secret with Greg in a message where we discussed a projector matter:

I am working hard these days on a new project. This is a secret for now, and only a couple of others know about it yet 🙂 I am working to make a new web page with a database of all films produced on Super 8 by the big distributors. It will be hosted on (not up yet, but the domain name is registered). I am getting help from my wife doing the programming as we are both developers, and the last two three weeks we have put down quite a bit of work getting the technical parts up and running. We are nowhere near done with the programming, but the main functionality start to fall into place.

I start off by registering films in a spreadsheet. It is done this way since it is quicker. Then I import it to the database for further editing online. I have written down 200 films from catalogs so far. Enough to get some representative data for the programming. But it is a LONG way getting it all registered. I will try to get cover photos for them, tags, (main)actors/directors/writers, link to IMDB, runtime etc. It will automatically show related films based on the entered data.

Here are some screenshots on the current state 🙂 Some of the data is bogus, just entered to trigger the behavior I look for. And the design is not finished 🙂

(screenshots removed)

Please don’t mention this to others yet. I will wait to announce it until it is in a much better state. It will be publicly available without login and all resources can be freely used. I will provide export to spreadsheets so people can download and do whatever they want with it. The APIs will also be publicly available.

And here is Greg’s reply

Now, to the most important topic: Super8Database!
All I can say is FANTASTIC! What a great project and how helpful a resource this will be to not only collectors, but dealers and sellers as well!
Thank you for sharing this with me and I will certainly respect the privacy of this. If I can help with your project with any type of testing or in any other small way please let me know.

If you had known that you would spend countless hours in this project for years, Greg 😉 It certainly hasn’t been in any “small way” but in a huge way!

I look forward to the coming years as the site progresses!