Article Updates

Update for April 2023

Time flies, and there hasn’t been a lot to report. Perhaps this is a sign that the project is getting more mature, as most of the work now goes into adding more content only, and not adding a ton of new exciting features.

But there has been some major work in progress, and now we have just released it after working on this for weeks! Not impressed? That might be because you won’t see a single change on the site.

The work has been all about maintenance. We have replaced our four year old server with a new one with the newest Ubuntu LTS operating system. We have a new version of the database, a new version of the programming language runtime environment and a new version of the search engine. The work with the search engine was a lot more than I expected, and it all dragged out for weeks before I had time to nail the last couple of problems.

But now it is all done, and we will be good for four more years of an operating system with security updates.

As unexciting it might be without any visible changes, the work to keep the site stable and secure is more important than most of the other work I do.