• 4 years, 9000 films, 3000 covers
    The 15th of February, Super8database had been public for 4 years! I can’t believe how quickly time passes!
  • Super 8 research
    Super 8 has been the media for the homes, and have been mostly forgotten by official archives. I was therefore very surprised when I last year received an e-mail from two researchers at a university in Germany, an e-mail that eventually would lead me back to “my own” university to attend some Super 8 related…

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  • Update for April 2023
    Time flies, and there hasn’t been a lot to report. Perhaps this is a sign that the project is getting more mature, as most of the work now goes into adding more content only, and not adding a ton of new exciting features.
  • The Humming Projector Podcast
    A new podcast has entered the scene of film and film collecting.
  • Report and Video From Blackpool 2022
    Here is my report of my visit to the Film Convention in Blackpool 18th – 20th of November 2022.